I’ve done work for a great group of people over the years. Here are a few that were kind enough to share their thoughts.


Luke Tatge - Creative Director, Epicosity

“Lyndsey has a keen eye for clean and effective designs that enhance the user experience and provide smartly chosen color and design element choices. Her natural talents lend themselves well to leading a project creatively. She's especially good at seeing the bigger picture and determining how the end user will experience the product or piece. She taps into her audience and delivers something that effectively builds up the copy and message. She's incredibly adaptable and can meet the needs of an array of customers with a variety of demands and requirements. She is a fast learner - she requires little direction to take the initiative to take on added responsibility and acquaint herself with new systems, new applications and new business lines.”


Eric Backstrom - Marketing Manager, Total card, inc

“I managed Lyndsey for almost 3 years and she is an excellent designer and illustrator. Lyndsey excels at looking at the big picture and understanding the “why”. She is able to take an idea or concept, work with the client directly to dig into what they want, and provide them with what they need. I have seen her work with some of the most difficult and demanding clients, and maintain a positive attitude and exceptional level of customer service throughout the process. One area that sets Lyndsey apart from other designers is her ability to write headlines and edit copy; she can make copy edits to fit designs without sacrificing the overall message of the piece. She is also particularly talented at designing infographics. Lyndsey takes a difficult or complex concept and make sense of it visually.”